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I Ate Some Glass


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Liquid (and therefore drinkable)
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Yesterday I was helping my wife unload groceries. We dropped the bag with olive oil and pistachios. The glass bottle of olive oil hit the pavement and broke, soaking the pistachios. I love pistachios. AND olive oil. I knew we could not salvage the spilled oil, but I saw no reason to throw out those nuts.

Olive oil and pistachios. I bet that tastes great -I thought- and took the nuts into the house. And ate them. And ate them. And they DID taste great. Not a combination you find often -but a spectacular pairing. Olive oil- flawless, organic, extra virgin olive oil. My palate's launch pad. And pistachios, one of the most delectable, addictive foods out there. You earn that flavor. You open each one, and are rewarded for the effort with an emerald treasure. This is FANTASTIC, I congratulated myself. My discovery. Olive oil and pistachios. Together! So YUMMY. And SO crunchy. More crunchy than... than normal.

Are these nuts dirty or something, I wondered a full fifteen minutes into eating them? Five hand fulls into eating them. It's like there's tiny rocks in there or something. Or dirt? Dirty rocks? What is that?


That's what.

That's what was so crunchy. The glass from the bottle of olive oil was mingled in with all that delicious oil and nuts. And now a lot of it was no doubt in my throat and tummy and G.I. tract.

People eat glass, right? Circus types and what-not?

No side effects so far, aside from a wilting anxiety.

I threw the rest of the nuts out, by the way.

Fool me once.

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