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song of the day: downtown / frank sinatra
word of the day: parvanimity/ Littleness of mind, lack of magnanimity; an instance of this.

spent the day yesterday hanging with ottmar leibert and ken, two of my favorite people. picked up ottmar in boulder (he's in town to do E-Town @ the boulder theater) and we went over to ken's loft, talked about art, evolution, spirituality- the yoojz (that's slang invented, it's short for "usual", but see, it's cool cuz i spell it 'yoojz'- if you wanna say 'the usual' from now on, don't bother wasting your day with extra syllables, and depleting your cool quotient by adhering to the full pronounciation, go ahead- say "yoojz". pretty soon saying yoojz becomes the yoojz. you're cool. you're welcom.)

after hanging out at the loft, i went on a date with my hot wife, who i totally have a crush on. we went to see what the bleep, which sort of felt like a discovery channel / pbs documentary with good graphics. a lot of people talking about quantum mechanics and spirituality. i think it's a useful film, and it's cool that it exists. it did not light me up so much. perhaps i was just distracted by the hot chick i was sitting next too. personally, i wanted to go see I /heart/ Huckabees, but my date was firm- we must see What The Bleep, so in the interest of getting her on my good side, and totally trying to put the moves on her, i gave in. it worked, we so hugely made out, it rocked.

tomorrow i leave for Holland for my two week tour. do i feel ready? no. i have i ever been ready for any tour i've ever taken anywhere? no. at least i have my passport, and i know for sure my rockin' friends in holland are ready and steady. back here i'm trying to send out 114 pieces of mail before i leave, take care of all bills, get my affairs in order, make sure the animals on our farm are all fed, make sure the attic is insulated for the onset of winter, make sure there's toilet paper beneath the sink, make sure hatches are battened down, are the guns loaded? are the doors locked? do the German Shepherds have enough No Doz in their raw bloodied liver steaks? plants watered? am i wearing pants? have i removed my underwear to speed the cavity check @ customs? indeed, and feel free to check me twice, boys ;-)

so, anus-ways. i'm listening to Dan Folgelberg's Run For The Roses, a song all about girls and horses. what is it about girls and horses? Catherine, care to edify us? what's the appeal? i don't know, but i gave a nod to this phenomenon in my song Rape Game:

Your own place
even if it's small
with brittle walls
and cracks in the plaster
black specks,
crawling on your bed sheets
you laid awake
and thought about horses

i just loved the image of a girl living in some infested, putrid stye in west hollywood, and laying on her back imagining herself riding a pony somewhere back home on her mommy and daddys ranch.

but listen, the best def leppard song by a hundred fucking million miles is Bringin' On The Heartbreak. wow. that almost redeems all hair bands. nice work, guys. you got the best of me. can't you see?

i'm looking forward to the posting of my next stu cam episode on integral naked, which should go up on November 1st, right in time for the election. this episode is called Red, White, and Blur, and is really some of the most fun i've had with cameras and flags since i opened the 1980 olympics by being the flag-bearer boy for the U.S. Hockey team, that was back when they beat the russkies, 'course. that was back when they won the gold. oh, the innocence of our hatred of commies, and the purity of their emnity for us. those were the days. now, the terrorists? how can we hate such an amorphous foe? only through the mesmerizing repition of dogmatic slogans and spurious mantras from our beloved fascist fucking empirialist administration. what, terror? huh, terror? terror terror terror terror!!!!!!!! AGH be afraid be afraid be fearful contract contract fun hide, submit, don't question DISSENT IS SACRILEGE!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE

pee on me, mr. president.

i would not, for a second want to diminish or disrespect the tragic loss of life in the destruction of the towers, or in any of the other attacks here or around the world. but, do we really have perspective here? 3K died in those attack. 41,000 die each year in auto accidents. 1500 deaths from cancer EVERY DAY. 30,000 children starve to death EACH DAY. 800,000 human beings were slaughtered in Rwanda. 28 million people in africa have AIDS. does that diminish the pain and magnitude of the loss of life in the attack on the towers? not at all, and that is not my point. my point is that the attack on the towers is used to distort our sense of perspective, confuse and hypnotize us into a fear of attack, death, and aggression that is so wildly out of proportion with actual reality, that it only takes a modicum of sobriety to realize those deaths (from the attacks on the tower) are being exploited, a political subterfuge played on a very painful event in our country. is terrorism real? fuck yes it's real. it's real and its dangerous. how likely is it that you will die in a terrorist attack? it's more likely to be the flu, or inclement weather, or an auto accident. but how much of our time, attention, and energy (media) is devoted to this, how much of our anxiety, tension, and worry is occupied with this (engineered) campaign of fear? my feeling is this administration is not interest in instilling a sense of SECURITY in its public, it is using the opportunity of fear to forward its nefarious agenda. but hey, i'm not so sure the Kerry camp will do any different. i can hope, that's all.

all right, enough preachy preachy blah blah blah. let's fucking party our asses ON. party our asses ON. Holland, here i come!


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