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i tunes / KSTU play list

song of the day: make a move on me / olivia newton john (seriously, this song is awesome)
word of the day: trimethoxyphenethylamine / have you tried it?

ladies and gentleman, i am in the throws of writing a paper on integral art, which i mentioned in an earlier blog. so, my time is a bit tight just now, and i'm gonna have to keep the blog short for another day or so. i will be showing you the paper, but not quite yet. in the meantime, i'm gonna give you the play list / top ten of KSTU radio (that's my i-tunes player on my mac...i'm not even ON i-tunes {by choice}, but i use it a lot. maybe i should add my CDs to it? nahh...yah? nahhh... yah?)

top ten songs according to number of plays:

1.Kielbasa / Tenacious D
2. Things Have Changed / Bob Dylan
3. Secrets and Lies / Jonatha Brooke
4. Carey / Joni Mitchell
5. Falling In Love / Randy Newman
6. I Yell At Traffic / Leo Kottke
7. Big Time / Peter Gabriel
8. Pulling Mussels From The Shell / Squeeze
9. A Sorta Fairytale / Tori Amos
10. Crab / Weezer

Songs Added To Regular (Heavy) Rotation This Week:

1, You're The One For Me, Fatty / Morrissey
2, Love Is A Battlefield / Pat Benatar
3, She Will Have Her Way / Neil Finn
4, Kiko And The Lavender Moon / Los Lobos
5, Make A Move On Me / Olivia Newton John

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