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song of the day: one more thing to break / freedy johnston
word of the day: apple / 1, a fruit 2, gwenith's baby, 3, the best computer ever

so i finally became a member of i-tunes. after a few days, i've purchased the following individual songs:

J for Jules / Til Tuesday
Voices Carry / Til Tuesday
Waterloo / ABBA
Take A Chance On Me / Abba
Walk Like An Egyptian / Bangles
Annie Waits / Ben Folds
Zak And Sara / Ben Folds
Still Fighting It / Ben Folds
Not The Same / Ben Folds
Rockin' The Suburbs / Ben Folds
Dancin' With Myself / Billy Idol
Eyes Without A Face / Billy Idol
Army Of Me / Bjork
It's Oh So Quiet / Bjork
Song 2 / Blur
Things Have Changed / Bob Dylan
Wondering Where The Lions Are / Bruce Cockburn
Lovers In A Dangerous Time / Bruce Cockburn
Every Little Kiss / Bruce Hornsby
Gonna Be Some Changes Made / Bruce Hornsby
Bye Bye Love / The Cars
Just What I Needed / The Cars
It's All I Can Do / The Cars
Since You're Gone / The Cars
Flowers / Cibo Matto
Moonchild / Cibo Matto
Clouds / Cibo Matto
Apple / Cibo Matto
Beef Jerky / Cibo Matto
White Pepper Ice Cream / Cibo Matto
Birthday Cake / Cibo Matto
The Candy Man / Cibo Matto
London Calling / The Clash
Train In Vain / The Clash
Rock The Casbah / The Clash
Should I Stay Or Should I Go / The Clash
Keep A Lid On Things / Crash Test Dummies
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm / Crash Test Dummies
Four Seasons In One Day / Crowded House
Jerusalem / Dan Bern
Hannibal / Dan Bern
One Dance / Dan Bern
Heart Hotels / Dan Folgelberg
The Power Of Gold / Dan Folgelberg
Part Of The Plan / Dan Folgelberg
Same Old Lang Syne / Dan Folgelberg
Run For The Roses / Dan Folgelberg
The Language Of Love / Dan Folgelberg
Bringin' On The Heartache / Def Leppard
I Touch Myself / The Divinyls
Barely Breathing / Duncan Sheik
Caucasian Spiritual / Ed's Redeeming Qualities
Lawyers And Truckers / Ed's Redeeming Qualities
Spooky Girlfriend / Elvis Costello
Saved By Zero / The Fixx
On The Way Out / Freedy Johnston
Evie's Tears / Freedy Johnston
I'm Not Hypnotized / Freedy Johnston
One More Thing To Break / Freedy Johnston
Dolores / Freedy Johnston
You're Only Lonely / J.D. Souther
Secrets And Lies / Jonatha Brooke
Carey / Joni Mitchell
Both Sides Now / Joni Mitchell
I'm Alright / Kenny Loggins
The Other Day Near Santa Cruz / Leo Kottke
I Yell At Traffic / Leo Kottke
When I Get To The Border / Richard Thompson
Irish Blood, English Heart / Morrissey
Shock The Monkey / Peter Gabriel
Sledgehammer / Peter Gabriel
Big Time / Peter Gabriel
Digging In The Dirt / Peter Gabriel
Suddenly Mary / The Posies
1999 / Prince
Delirious / Prince
Raspberry Beret / Prince
Pop Life / Prince
When Doves Cry / Prince
Falling In Love / Randy Newman
It's Money That Matters / Randy Newman
In Germany Before The War / Randy Newman
Lonely At The Top / Randy Newman
Crawl Back / Richard Thompson
Read About Love / Richard Thompson
Pulling Mussels From The Shell / Squeeze
Evil / Stevie Wonder
Left Of Center / Suzanne Vega
Kielbasa / Tenacious D
She's An Angel / The Might Be Giants
A Sorta Fairy Tale / Tori Amos
Elevation / U2
Hash Pipe / Weezer
Island In The Sun / Weezer
Crab / Weezer

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