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House of Davis Episode Three is LIVE

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Episode Three of House of Davis is LIVE!!

This is an incredibly special episode. For real. It dives into the intense, bewildering puzzles of art, love, and death. It’s an hour long, because we needed extra time to tell this powerful story. In this episode, a new guest joins the Davis family, she’s like another family member to us. Her name is Jasmine Karimova, she has come all the way from Holland to make her debut album. She lives with a painful family history. Through fierce creativity, she shapes a traumatic past into a better future.

I SO hope you will watch this episode. I hope you will tell your friends to watch it. There’s been a lot of struggle in our culture. A lot of noise in our entertainment. So it’s amazing to be able share this episode packed with depth and meaning. It’s that mysterious love and art of creating together that brings real healing. To be clear, this is a tough episode to watch in some ways. But WOW, is it worth it! Jasmine is a generational talent, and the way she shows up and is willing to engage truly difficult subjects on camera, is simply astonishing. I have rarely been so inspired by a soul, and our entire Davis family feels a profound connection with her. I know you will too. Join us for this unforgettable journey, filled with struggle, love, and transformation.

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