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Stuart Davis

Right now in the studio we're working on Sky God. This is a new song I wrote after I saw that movie with Mandy Moore in it where she plays a Christian fundamentalist girl. I was inspired to write a song from the perspective of her character. So, I wrote Sky God, mostly sincere, actually. Just envying (loosely) the simplicity of a mythic belief system that has all the answers pre-fab. Then I remembered talking to Sam Harris and he said something like, 'instead of praying to some sky gods' and I laughed and laughed. Just thought that was a funny phrase I hadn't heard, but loved. I wondered what it would be like to try and write a trans-denominational fundamentalist Mythic Belief System song. So then I imagined myself as Mandy Moore's character and I wrote Sky God, which is one of the happiest, bubbly songs I've ever written. Very catchy. You might hear it in clubs. Lyrics:

Sky God
This one's real
my God
is revealed
when I bend and kneel
I can't tell you how good that feels
No more asking questions
I better count my blessings
If I've learned one lesson
Why ask Why?
Give it to the Sky God

My head feels fuzzy
and it's all because He's
doing what He doesn't
'till it's what it wasn't


You better take a look now
at the one true book now
Read it, open hearted
Till the clouds are parted


All the drugs I used to do
Alll the sex I used to have
were only shadows on my path
Now my heart has been redeemed
and my spirit is remade
and the world will feel His
righteous wrath and anger
Cuz the end is near
the end is here

Sky God

Of course it gets a little dark at the end there. But whatehv. Now I'm trying to get Mandy Moore to sing on it. It turns out she's in town next week doing a concert. I'm going. We're getting the song to her. I mean, my two dream artists to work with were Saul Williams and Eddie K. Saul came in and did Easter on the last album. Eddie did Miracle on this one. So, I feel the next natural step in the mystical progression of the Mystery is to work with Mandy Moore on this song.

Went golfing this morning with Alex, Nate, Steve and me. Very funny to listen to Steve tease Alex and Nate. It was like 400 degrees outside. I dressed like a frat boy. I can hit the living shit out of a ball off the tee. I'm not just saying that. I drove a ball 320+ yards on more than one occassion in my life. But today, my short game was deplorable. I was an embarassment to Denmark. Whatehv. I still had fun as heck.

I'm implememting "Suit Day" on this record. We're all going out this Sunday and buying suits. Then, one day a week we're coming to the Rock Office in our suits. And it's going to freak out everyone on the lot. They're going to think we're cops or some shit.

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