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Song of the day: Kielbasa / Tenacious D
Word of the day: Inessive / A grammatical case indicating location within

Oh, the riches of grammatical cases. So many to choose from -over fifty at least. I'm trying to decide how many cases to go with in IS. I'm going to have some fucked up ones in there. I might have a case indicating "fucked up". Except there's no "fuck" in IS. It will have much, much better swear-words. Some of my favorite cases:

Abessive / indicating absence or lack
Adnominal / indicating adjective used as a noun
Allative / indicating movement towards
Causative / indicating causation by
Conformative / indicating resemblance; similative
Equative / indicating likeness or identity
Essive / indicating a temporary state of being
Fuckative / indicating a fucked up state (mine ;-)
Illative / indicating movement into or toward
Introessive / indicating motion into
Juxtapositive / indicating juxtaposition
Multiplicative / indicating repetition or augmentation
Mutative / indicating a change of place or state
Oppositive / indicating opposition or location opposite to
Partitive / indicating a part of a larger whole
Perlative / indicating movement through or across
Privative / indicating absence, deprivation or negation
Relative / indicating relation or a prepositional object
Similative / indicating similarity to
Situative / indicating comparison of two things
Stative / indicating a state rather than an action
Translative / indicating process of change or movement through
Unitive / indicating shared essence ( mine ;-)

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