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God's Weird, Part Two

Song Of The Day: Total Eclipse Of The Heart / Bonnie Tyler
Word Of The Day: Prestance / Superiority, pre-eminence.

Yesterday in the studio I presented Andy McEwen with my idea of turning Good Weird into God Weird, and we both sat with it for a moment. Then I tried God's Weird, and we both like it better than it's two previous contender's. So, for now at least, the song has become God's Weird.

It's funny what an apostrophe and an extra letter can do for you...

My poor puppy daughter is sick again. Snot oozes from her nose at a rate that seems impossible. Every two minutes we do the dance, I get the tissue, she starts flailing, I sneak in for the wipe, she squeels in protest, then it's over and she smiles with relief. It's incredible how cheerful she remains while she's sick, her spirits are as high as ever, but she looks like hell, watery swollen eyes, snot everywhere- but she's as fun as ever. Today we went to the grocery store and did our usual pillaging, lifting a new treat from every aisle for Ara to snack on, a cheese sample here, some nuts there, a few meat slices at the deli, a couple bits of candy from the bins. By the end she's full and it was all FREE!! MWAH MWAH MWAH!!

I leave on tour tomorrow. My arms are killing me, a combination of weightlifting and not drinking enough water. We are all water's bitches. We're made of water, but that's not good enough, we have to fucking drink water all the time too, or everything falls apart and gets screwed up. You'd think a creature composed almost entirely of a certain substance would then not have to pursue that substance as often or in such great amounts, but that's not the way it works. We are water, and we spend our entire existence processing water, peeing it out, taking it in, peeing it out, taking it in, and if we deviate for a day or more, we start to die. It's bullshit. Do we see this elsewhere? Do sponges have to eat calcium carbonate morning, noon, and night to keep pimpin' the sea? No, they DON'T. I'm sick of being enslaved by water water water. Don't get me started on oxygen...

But then again, water is pretty cool. It's amazing, I admit. Without it, I would have no saliva, and could not french kiss properly, perform satisfying oral sex on myself, nor spit upon commoners who dare speak untoward my Kingly Rulerness-ship. Did I mention it's essential to generating premium ejaculate? How about making people cry? Sweat? And I think there's even some water in blood. Or something.

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