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God Weird VS Good Weird (TO THE DEATH MOFOS!!!)

Song Of The Day: God Weird / Stuart Davis
Word Of The Day: Doloriferous / Bearing grief or pain

Today I was roaming around and I came across this blog, and needless to say, I was like "FUCK YEAH!!!" I couldn't agree more.

In other news, today I realized my new song "Good Weird" should be re-titled God Weird. Just remove an "o" and the whole song is more fun to me. But what do I know? I have a proclivity for the spiritual stuff, and I love the combination of God and Weird as an evocative combo. Why don't you guys tell me which one you prefer? First read it as God Weird, then try inserting Good Weird instead, which do you like? My vote is for God-Weird, but if you write me in great numbers saying you really, really prefer Good Weird, then I'll tell you "Thanks" and leave it God Weird. Let's face it, God is weird. Here's the lyrics:

God Weird

Teacher took my mother
to watch me on the playground
I had a habit of
climbing up the trash mound
and stripping for a crowd
of rowdy adolescents
in a parody of puberty
and human evanescence

God weird
What am I feeling?
God weird

I damn near died
at the moment of conception
Ma-ma-my daddy
couldn't keep his erection
But you'd never know it
to see me today
Cuz I stand up straight
like a typical gay
a flock of baby birds
that are stuck in my mouth
I wanna gag and gag
till they come fluttering out
But I'm living with lock jaw
and egg-shell cheeks
I keep dreading the day
that they discover their beaks

God weird
What am I feeling?
God Weird

Give me tears
give me the God tears
Give me fears
give me the God fears
Give me weird
Give me the God weird

How to bake space:
Pay attention to the batter
fluff it up good
whip it fatter and fatter
It takes one part dust
detonated and scattered
and then 99-plus
of dark matter
you shutter at the thought
of a cook or a kitchen
ever since you were six
you could smell the religions
boiling all the love
into poisonous glue
and recruiting the kids
like cannibals do

God Weird
What am I feeling
God Weird

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