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Gang Raped By Angels

Song Of The Day: Do Ya / Electric Light Orchestra
Word Of The Day: Hapax / A word or form of which only one recorded instance is known

Tired today. Feel like I was gang-raped by angels (dreams do come true!). Drove 12 hours yesterday. Friday's show in Iowa City was fantastic -there is essentially an unending succession of perfect audiences at that venue- attentive, eager to laugh, eager to go inward, outward, and ready to hug after the show. I gave away six brand new copies of Genpo Roshi's book The Eye Never Sleeps according to a random drawing conducted by color-coded skittle candies. Worked perfect. Some things only skittles know. Saturday in Ames with a full band, sold out as well, and populated by beautiful human beings as well. Much more reserved crowd than Iowa City, but we eventually found the release with the help of my drummer Matt Keil, who is hilarious. My favorite moment was definitely when Matt was trying to crowd me on the mic and push me away, and I simply stuck my tongue into his mouth and gave his oral cavity a wet, probing "hello". He freaked out, ran away like the sissy hetoro he is, and tried to spit the yucky man-kiss out of his mouth, but too late my friend, you were frenched. That moment made me real, real happy. Sunday night in Sioux Falls was good, considering it was Oscar night and Sunday. Turns out the movies aren't popular in South Dakota, and everyone came to my show instead. It wasn't sold out, but that don't matter none, I sold out. Yeah, I played the hits. I pandered to charts, and just ran through a list of my top forty, top 20, and top ten hits over the last ten years. An incredibly generous soul -luthier Christopher Robertson- gave me one of his hand-made guitars. Whao. Couldn't believe it. Thank You! I'm really looking forward to writing some songs on it. But today I am going to sit around and stare at walls and such, as I am wiped out after driving 3,000 miles in five days. I'm off to meet with Ken Wilber and the whole Integral Institute gang about how to put on a cool rock concert in Boulder.

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