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Euro Stu

Hi Friends,

Stuart here. Well, I have moved to Europe. I live in a boat. A yooor-oh-peeeean boat! As you can see from the photo, traffic is crazy here. I plan to get a pony and ride him on my boat, showing Lyle Lovette just how tragic his lyrical vision becomes when enacted in the real world (can ponies swim? can they scale the vertical face of brick canals? look away, look away).

Thanks to all of you who made my 130+ show North American Tour so fun. The release of Music For Mortals has gotten me back into the swing of things, and I now remember how to get on an airplane, use tickets for a train, check into a hotel, and I realize I'm not qualified to drive a double decker bus (sorry, Londoners).

If you missed all the shows on my 18 month North American tour, don't fret, it's super simple, just hop on an airplane, fly to Edinburgh, and catch the next gig. I'm on tour in Europe until I'm fluent in Flemish or Great in Gaelic. So... it's gonna be a while.

Remember you can pick up Music for Mortals on iTunes, a music distributor I've been fighting for which finally seems to be catching on.

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9.21 Edinburgh - Bannerman's
9.27 Amsterdam - The Impact HUB
10.19 Frankfurt - The Spiritual Academie
11.1 Gent - de Loge

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Davis’s music subtly sneaks religious dialogue into popular culture. Most surprisingly, the music is damn good. (Critics, you can sigh with relief.)

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