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We are not alone. We are not prepared for the fact that we are not alone.

If you are hearing this, or reading this, and you are still unsure whether or not highly intelligent Non-Human entities are intimately engaging humanity, please reference the sources in the notes below. If you have digested and reflected on those sources, and still don’t feel humans are in contact with Non-Human Intelligences, then don’t continue. This isn’t for you.

This is for anyone open to the possibility that contact between Humans and Non-Humans carries profound implications for human autonomy in the coming generations and centuries.

This is not about what has happened (contact). This is about what we can do now that it has happened. What follows are ten steps that human beings can take to stop, and reverse the forfeiture of our sovereignty.

I don’t recall who, but someone once remarked (regarding Non-Human Intelligences) that we owe these beings “neither our allegiance nor enmity.”

I would go a step further, and say that, while we may owe them nothing, we have an opportunity to afford them the same compassion, empathy, and care which we should extend to all sentient beings.

The problem is we have not, and do not, extended such care for the sentient beings of Earth, much less those of other planets, or other dimensions. Which leaves us poorly positioned to respond to the presence of Non-Human Intelligences with integrity and authority. More on that later.

At some point in the future, Non-Human Entities will likely cease operating in a clandestine manner, and will engage Humanity in the open. Even though that sea-change ‘Event’ has not yet occurred, human beings have participated willingly in the erosion of our native endowment; Autonomy. Our sovereignty is less being stolen, and more being forfeited. It is largely forfeited by humans to other humans, but also, significantly by humans to other Non-Human Intelligences.

Here is a list of ten things Human Beings can do individually and collectively to preserve and protect human sovereignty in the presence of Non-Human Intelligences.

1. CLAIM AND DEFEND YOUR SOVEREIGNTY. Do this through daily practices rooted in human spiritual traditions. The native endowment of a Human Being is a sovereign soul. Recognize that by enacting a lifestyle which A. Cultivates spiritual freedom and strength through daily contemplative practices such as meditation, centering prayer, sacred ritual, lucid dreaming, etc B. Emphasize gratitude and humor as a sacred and powerful Twinship. C. Call upon spiritual allies who’s objectives are love and who’s intentions are healing to assist you, and offer in turn, to assist them in these practices.

2. DEVELOP PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL HYGIENE A. Include a daily banishing practice, designed to vanquish parasites and predators of all variety. Visitors must be invited. Uninvited visitors are invaders. B. Take an honest inventory of your behaviors. End behaviors that may ‘invite’ or provide opportunities for parasites and predators (such as chemical abuse, dark arts, using violence and suffering as sources entertainment, etc). C. Use electronic devices purposefully. Curate your awareness by selecting out negative stimulus. Not to avoid pain, but to increase empathy.

3. MOVE BEYOND BINARY FILTERS. Stop seeing the Visitors as purely good, or utterly evil. They are sentient beings. They are here for a reason, and their reasons vary. All have an objective. Like all sentient beings, they want to survive, thrive, evolve. Assessed from our generally shared human values, the Visitors include good, and they include bad. But merely projecting our anthropomorphic values and filters onto them will not help us understand them, or protect human sovereignty. Many of the Visitors have strong, and valid, condemnations of how humans have developed into a biocidic force. They feel our biocidic nature effectively negates the privileged status we’ve held as stewards of the Earth. In general, our human capacity to take another’s perspective (that of other humans, other Non-Human Intelligences, other animals, from various developmental stations) is going to figure prominently in any progress toward developing a real relationship with the Visitors. While we have the capacity to take perspectives, we also have an instinctual desire to ‘other’. We have to choose, and keep choosing our deeper registers and more nuanced gifts. The Visitors are not a black and white puzzle. We humans present more risk to each other than the Visitors present to us. But that does not mean some of them pose no real risk. They do.

4. DON'T CONFUSE TECHNOLOGY WITH SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT. The Visitors are not spiritually superior to humans. Advanced technology is not a measure of inner development. Humans have already proven this time and again. Assigning the Visitors a ‘savior’ status is inappropriate and disempowering to human sovereignty. Inversely, denying the fact that they are far beyond us in certain lines of development is also dangerous. We don’t know them as well as they know us. Our curiosity and discernment have to expand and widen in equal measures to know them better.

5. DEMAND PARITY. Declare and expect that interactions between humans and Non-Human Entities be ethical, mutual, and relational (not exploitative, abusive, and traumatizing). Be willing to change our life style to increase the likelihood that this expectation is respected. For instance, when humans establish more ethical relationships with each other, and animals, we will find our demand to be treated more ethically will be taken much more seriously by Non-Human Intelligences. When humans develop a significant population of deep souls living in such integrity, making a coherent request for parity will have more impact. Striving to obtain technological parity is, for now, futile, and misdirected. Taking the high road and inhabiting our greatest available depth will be noticed not just by the Visitors, but other observers and allies. It would surprise all players, and challenge the disequilibrium.

6. CALL ON ALLIES FOR HELP. We have ancestors, guides, and allies that can and will intercede, in protecting human autonomy. We can call on them for the right reasons, in the right way. If we become (again) able to recognize and love the nearly infinite varieties of intelligences which are native to Earth, who are our neighbors, whether corporeal, or incorporeal, then again, the balance will change. We need no enmity toward the Visitors in order to assemble and focus the billions of beings who’s interests are already aligned with ours. Sincerely ask forgiveness, express a genuine desire to change and serve All Earthlings, and human destiny will shift. Again, our privileged role as stewards has not been stolen, it’s being forfeited by us to other humans, and to our lower selves. Secrecy is weakness. Deception is weakness. It is the Visitor’s weakness, and it is Human weakness. Transparency and integrity are strength. Assume you can, and are, communicating with other entities in various forms, who will offer aid if called upon for right, good reasons.

7. DISSOLVE BIOCIDIC SYSTEMS. Human destruction on a planetary scale is a primary forfeiture of sovereignty. Our actions are impacting a number of Non-Human Entities. Humanity is engineering a self-induced crisis which will likely require the open intervention of the Visitors. The precipitating Event could be a solar flare, meteor impact, acute climate change, nuclear war, etc. Although this Event will not be of the Visitors design, it will prompt their unveiling en-masse. At this time, humanity will be radically incapacitated. No grid, no satellites, every critical system disrupted. The Visitors will likely step in. Our collective moment of realizing we are ‘not alone’ will likely come with the sobering realization that the Visitors have new plans for Earth. Those plans will include humans, but not with the reality we knew before. If, at that time, we have not succeeding in aligning with depth, love, and a stewardship which genuinely serves the other sentient beings to whom this planet is home, then we will be truly fucked. The Golden Rule, ‘treat others as you wish to be treated’ carries Cosmic implications. Our current biocidic addictions are determining our possible futures. If we stop treating sentient beings as a food source, others will be less entitled to treat human beings as a biological farm. Many of the Visitors are unhappy about the prospect of having to intervene due to human biocidic sickness. What sane soul could blame them? In some ways, we have disrupted their reality as much as they have ours. We need to recognize that. We have trespassed, they have trespassed. Taking the higher road is the only corrective measure that will yield a positive long-term outcome for humanity. Love is the only legacy. Love for all sentient beings.

8. IF YOU HAVE PRE-INCARNATIONAL CONTRACTS, BREAK THEM. GRANT AMNESTY TO THE HUMANS WHO HAVE KEPT SECRECY REGARDING THE VISITORS. This is something heard over and over “The Visitors say I made a contract with them before this life time, and I agreed to do this work with them.” Break those contracts. Declare them null and void. Make a new contract which includes the above tenets, and enforce it. Launch an inner revolution. Commit to the sanctity of Human sovereignty. Make art. Laugh. Deepen your soul. Art and spirituality are where Human beings are superior and profoundly unique. Creativity, compassion, the capacity to take another being’s perspective, these are the high-water marks of our human lineage. They are available to any, to all. We have been, and will be, in an intimate relationship with the Visitors. It’s imperative we ensure it is a relationship, not merely an unrelenting disparity. Decide now to carry forward your new contract into your next life. Set that intention, and hold onto it for the remainder of this life. There is another truly difficult part of breaking our pre-incarnational contracts in order to establish genuine parity and relationship with each other, and the Visitors. We need to grant amnesty to the people who have been keeping the secrecy from other human beings, and even exploiting other human beings via the secrecy, for generations. In order to move forward as a united humanity, one able to become inter-planetary, and inter-species, we need to grant amnesty to those working to dissolve the secrecy and protect human sovereignty. This will perhaps, be harder than the collective realization that we are not alone. But we must do it. We need to include all humans, and acknowledge that those keeping the secrecy have had an unimaginably awful burden. They have generally done their best to navigate an incomprehensible labyrinth. Grant them amnesty.

9. WORK WITH THE VISITORS THAT DO RESPECT THESE TENETS. There are Non-Human Entities who are open to a relationship with Humans which preserves our sovereignty. There is a multiplicity of Visitors. Although many are of the hive mind / telepathic variety, they are not simple, uniform collectives. There are differences, and the ones that can be worked with, should be worked with. Curiosity and discernment should be expanded in equal measure.

10. LEAD THE GOVERNMENTS. Don’t look to, or wait for, governments to lead the populace. There are many in government leadership who are doing great work on this enigma, and we should thank them. But most are not informed enough to truly lead on these issues. Nor does government provide an appropriate ‘body’ to house the revolution of depth and meaning which will attend our coming changes. The deepening should come from the general population. We should embark on a long-term, sustained cultivation of emotional, spiritual, psycho-social development. That’s our opportunity, and it’s our best protection. If there is to be an ‘ascension’ it’s up to humans to reify it, not Non-Human Intelligences or the human Government.


Sean Esbjorn-Hargens Exo Studies site : Sean is leading the way on an integral approach to UAP & Human / Non-Human contact. These sites are an example. He offers a master course on the various phenomena.

Richard Dolan’s 'History Of' Volumes 1&2 : Dolan is a meticulous researcher / historian, and one of the most clear-headed authorities on these phenomena. His two volumes on the history of cover up are authoritative and exhaustively foot-noted, allowing the reader to fact check every event / item / document.

Robert Hastings UFOs & Nukes : Hastings spent the better part of 50 years getting military and government officials to go on record attesting that UFOs have repeatedly, for decades, entered military air space with impunity and disarmed our nuclear weapons (the same has occurred in  Russia). His book is a masterwork on this unique facet. He’s recently confessed that he’s also been a life-long experiencer of abduction / contact with non-human entities.

Jacques Vallee : A legend in the field, and certainly one of its deepest, most nuanced thinkers. Anything by Vallee is worth reading

Leslie Kean : Her book changed the landscape. She's a consummate journalist and this book alone has the power to change world views. Impeccable. 

Book :

Interview : Here’s an interview on that book:

Disclosure Project : Steven Greer is problematic in that he has an unbalanced view that ‘all aliens are positive’. However, he accomplished an amazing feat in that he got 400+ military and government officials to go on film and attest to their first-hand knowledge that we have been, and are being, visited by non-human entities. (start at 3 minutes)

Abduction John Mack : John Mack was the head of Psychiatry at Harvard. He began studying alien abduction intending to prove it was a new kind of psycho-pathology. After working with hundreds of abductees, he came to the conclusion their experiences were real, and they were not sick, lying, or otherwise impaired. They were, however, traumatized. He came to conclude that what was broken was our epistemology, and spent the last years of his life working to bring awareness in the larger culture that something profound was happening to experiencers all over the World, across age, sex, race, social status, and every other demographic.

The Ariel School : One particular case Mack studied was a mass sighting in broad daylight at the Ariel School in Africa. Dozens of children observed and interacted with, non-human entities who landed a craft, got out, and telepathically communicated with the children from a few feet away. The event forever changed the experiencers. (start it at 3:50)

Integral Round Table :

Communion : This book activated a global wave of experiencers coming forward about contact. It's a classic, and still packs a hell of a whollop in terms of depicting the light and dark of contact. Many of the ugly details first appeared here.

The Nimitz Movie : A well-made short film depicting contact between fighter pilots and the 'tic-tack' craft which has garnered so much publicity. Nice because it's told in their words, with the service men on camera attesting to its veracity:

NYT Article that started a sea-change in how mainstream press is covering the phenomena:

Cmdr David Fravor on Rogan : Commander Fravor personally encountered these craft, and this interview is nice because he’s given all ample time to recount the details in his own words:

Man Meets Mantis : An audio doc relateing Stuart Davis’ experiences with a Mantis entity and how it impacted his creativity.

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