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Episode FOUR of Sex, God, Rock 'n Roll + a new movie !

Hi folks,

Stuart here. First, thank you SO MUCH to those of you who are backing my Patreon Page! Patreon is a very cool site which allows you to become a patron of artists you want to support. If you're up for it, please consider becoming a patron. You get free and exclusive stuff before anyone else, and it helps me make new art. My big gratitude to those of you who have joined me there. THANK YOU !

It's Monday, which means a FREE new episode of Sex, God, Rock 'n Roll is up!

In this Episode: Stuart guides us through 'sex seasons'. Metallica is proud to support torture. Does oral sex cause cancer? Katherine Jenkins puts the 'rock' back in 'opera'. Plus, Stuart challenges David Bowie to a gay-off. Now cross your eyes and open your thighs, it's Sex, God, and Rock 'n Roll! Watch the full, free EPISODE FOUR here.

Also, as well...

Our short film Just Be Yourself is now available online. After making its rounds at film festivals, it's now on Vimeo. Use this code: twisted25 and get 25% off. It stars Kandyse McClure (Battlestar Galactica) Alison McAtee (Have and Have Nots) and Sebastian Siegel (Awakening World). I wrote & directed Just Be Yourself, it tells the tale of a failed puzzle mogul who gets a job to... you guessed it. Just be himself. Hope you enjoy!

Also, as well, additionally...

You can now buy high-quality, large-sized giclée prints of my paintings, which feature my constructed language, IS.

Also, as well, additionally, too...

Last but not least, I'm doing my first show in the US in over two years. OCTOBER 16 at Shine in Boulder, Colorado, I will be performing music, spoken word comedy, and unveiling a few other surprises as well. Hope you can make it. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.

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We were blown away by Stuart’s pure genius. Finally a songwriter with something to say. We booked him on the show, calls started coming in “Who was that? Who was that you had on World Cafe?”

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