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Dollars For Dharma

song of the day: Train In Vain, The Clash (are you kiddin' me? are you KIDDING me?!?! this song is unbelievable...)
word of the day: logomania (pathological loquacity)
monk of the day: Brother Wayne Teasdale (ok, he's not a "punk" monk, but he's my friend, so...)

wow, found out yesterday that i'm being interviewed by national public radio tomorrow morning, audience will be in the millions. holy cow. the music world works in mysterious ways, (the mystery works in musical ways?). i've always hoped and wished to be on one of their shows- although i don't listen to the radio much at all, if i do it's usually public radio. anyone out there miss Ray Suarez at the healm of Talk Of The Nation? that was the SHIT. anyway, i'm doing an interview about Dharma Pop and the approach to financing and funding i've used with investors in my project. and indeed, if it were not for investors stepping up and getting directly involved, there would be no Bright Apocalypse, no Self Titled (the silver one), no Bell- not to mention i wouldn't have any guitars- it goes on and on. there have been dozens of people in the last few years who have either just given us huge chunks of money, or invested their own hard earned dollars into this music because they believe in its mission (to serve awakening in the World) AND its commercial viability. whenever i've made shares available on a project, it has sold out almost immediately, and that is something that has radically changed my perspective on the music world and the audience out there. over and over again with Dharma Pop i see how people really want to get behind a positive force in the culture and help create a catalogue of art that has pop sense and interiors too. i realize we have to be a business, but we can be a sustainable, profitable business model that makes kick ass pop music and understands its opportunity to seed change for the better on Earth. since Bright Apocalypse came out, its investors are over 90% recouped and about to turn profit, the silver one is about 65%, and Bell just came out and i'd have to check on it. what amazes me is how well these CDs do WITHOUT ANY distribution. we have had nothing up to this point except the web site and merch sales at shows. even in that situation, we've sold thousands of these titles and they just keep on going like Energizer Rock bunnies. the (possible) good news is that we have an offer on the table for national distribution through Rykodisc. if we get our ducks in a row we may just be in thousands of stores across the U.S. by the end of the year... who knows? i'm waiting to see if i can pull together 50K in capital to shore up the promotion and make sure our first national release soars. we're also currently putting together my first DVD, directed by the great Jason Digges, featuring Matt Keil on drums and Chad Phillips on bass (he's single, ladies...).

anyone interested in donating $ or purchasing shares in the DVD project or the label in general can contact me directly at
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. shares are $1,000 each, minimum purchase of 1, details available on request. for now i'm just starting to take reservations. i'll let you all know when the piece is going to air on National Public Radio...

i'm off to sing Train In Vain...

"you say you stand by your man..."

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