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Dharma and Art / Linguistics

my friend Vidyuddeva just told me in an email that the words 'art' and 'dharma' share a common root in their original indo-euro language. i wonder which one? sanskrit, i'm guessing. it always comes down to sanskrit with this stuff, dohn it. it makes me want to make dharma and art have the same root in IS (the language i've been constructing for some time), but that's derivitive. of course you can't avoid derivation, but one can at least lean toward invention rather than reconstitution. IS is about two years into the process, it's very slow work, creating a language. this one is a spiritual / poetic language primarily, although it will be perfectly servicable for normal communication, it's designed to accomodate esoteric / mystical content first. make friends with paradox, flop around in indras net, chand the mind mantra into the mirror la la. i recently sent of my Fontographer program (given as a gift from a kind and wonderful father daughter monk couplet) to my friend Kayla. she's going to create a font for the language which i can use on my computer, and this will accelerate the work exponentially. once i can crank out vocab on my lap top, we'll be all set to go in three, four, five years tops. i've decided i'm not going to use those cheesy, lazy, flatland permutation programs, where you just plug in the parameters of your phonemes and it runs random computations to generate "Vocab". that's no vocab, that's a bunch of random permutations generated by insentient software. who fucking cares? real language is inextricably woven with the way we experience, interpret, and even generate reality. that's the point of creating a new language, to fashion a more powerful lens, cleaner filters, more layers, depths, dimensions- INTERIORS, and exteriors. people have been wondering for years just what the hell it is i write in their CD booklets when i sign autographs. 90% of the time i write in IS, and sooner or later we'll have the dictionary up somewhere on the web, and people can go decipher it themselves. hopefully the language won't have morphed too terribly much by then (it has gone through 2 or 3 significant stages already, and probably has at least on more developmental shift before i go public with it). perhaps we can also make the font available for download. we'll see...

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