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Dakota Shows!

Hi Friends!

Very, very much touring. Going to lots of new cities I've never been to before, and it is thrilling. Been having a blast so far, and THANK YOU for coming out to these shows! I forgot how fun it can be to be an itinerate bard! Weeee....

So, this weekend I'm off to the Dakotas to play some really wonderful gigs, I hope you can gather your friends together and join me for some of the the fun.

Last weekend I was in Santa Fe, and did an in-studio on KBAC 98.1 FM, great station, you can hear the entire in-studio right HERE

You can buy the new album on iTunes, or better yet, pick one up at a show. Big hugs, see you soon, Wonder-Spindles!

Tour Dates:

Sep 12th - Sioux Falls, SD
Sep 14th - Fargo, ND
Sep 15th - Grand Forks, ND
Sep 21st - Carbondale, CO
Sep 22nd - Paonia, CO
Sep 24th - Boulder, CO
Sep 28th - Park City, UT
Sep 29th - Salt Lake City, UT
Oct 4th - Dayton, OH
Oct 5th - Athens , OH
Oct 6th - Cleveland, OH
Oct 12th - St Louis, MO
Oct 13th - Kansas City, MO
Oct 17th - Richmond, VA
Oct 18th - Charlottesville, VA
Oct 19th - Columbia, SC
Oct 20th - Asheville, NC
Oct 21st - Knoxville, TN
Oct 26th - New Orleans, LA
Nov 2nd - Boston, MA
Nov 8th - Corvallis, OR
Nov 9th - Portland, OR
Nov 9th - Eugene, OR
Nov 11th - Olympia, WA
Nov 29th - Milwaukee, WI
Nov 30th - Madison, WI
Dec 1st - Rockford, IL
Dec 2nd - Chicago, IL
Dec 5th - Iowa City, IA
Dec 8th - Des Moines, IA

Radio stations playing the new single from Music for Mortals- Beautiful Place, show 'em some love!

91.9FM KUWR Laramie WY
99.3 FM WXRY Columbia SC
91.5 FM WFBK Charlotte NC
97.3 FM KSPN Aspen CO
104.1 FM KFMU Steamboat Springs CO
93 FM KYSL Breckenridge CO
90.9 FM KVNF Paonia / Grand Junction CO
106.1 FM The Corner WCNR Charlottesville VA
91.9 FM WNRN State-wide in VA
96.5 FM WCTG Chincoteague VA
104 FM KDBB St Louis MO
91.1 FM WGCS The Globe South Bend, IN
106.7 FM KZMU Moab UT
91.9 FM KPCW Park City UT
99.9 FM WERU Bangor ME
91.1 FM WHFC Bel Air MD
92 FM KXRA Alexandria MN
103.3 FM KUMD Duluth MN
96.7 FM KKRM Montevideo MN
91.7 FM KAXE Brainerd & Grand Rapids MN
101.9 FM KINK Portland OR
91.9 FM KRVM Eugene OR
100.5 FM KDEC Decorah IA
89.1 FM WBSD Burlingont WI
106.9 FM WLGE The Lodge Door County WI
91.7 FM WMSE Milwaukee WI
89.9 FM KUNM Albuquerque NM
98.1 FM KABC Santa Fe NM
91.3 FM WOUB Athens OH
90.9 FM KSLU Hammond LA
95.7 FM KROK Derrider LA
91.1 FM WMSV Jackson MS
99.1 FM KFMG Des Moines IA
90.9 FM KUNI (statewide) IA
106.1 FM The Path WQTL Tallahassee FL
i105.3 FM WFIV Knoxville TN
90.3 FM KNBA Anchorage AK
105.7 FM WVIA Scranton PA
102.3 FM WDMT Scranton PA
97.9 FM WZXP Bristol VT
91.3 FM WYSO Dayton OH
88.7 FM WJCU Cleveland OH
98.1 FM The Ocean WOCM Ocean City MD

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