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song of the day: Since You've Been Gone / The Outfield
word of the day: BALLS OUT / (ok, it's a phrase, but it's the right phrase for this bass line, and it means total abandon, utter exuberant presence in expression.

ok. at 0:16 in the song Since You've Been Gone by The Outfield the bass line kicks in, and it's just a basic, basic line playing the root, but it fucking SOUNDS good. what are they doing? is that a bass guitar, or is it some kind of synth thing combined with bass, or what? i wonder who produced that song. i have to respect their approach, i just know when they were tracking that song, the dude was like, NO -i want MORE compression, MORE signal, MORE magic zuwabe shards, i want you to play this historic bass line with battery cables clamped on your testicles while we accelerate sub atomic particles up and down your spine, and DON'T get fancy, play the ONE fucking note in perfect time, and drive it like a spike into the heart of Michael Bolton." dude did it. why don't you go buy that tune from I-Tunes, and try listening to it with head phones on and the volume turned way up. it's insane. i want you to start the song, and count to "sixteen" exactly, and listen to that bass line. if that's all you do today, really, really hear that bass line for the perfection it is- then you will have lived a bit. put that bass line in a dildo, insert in anus, and say goodbye to chiropractor bills.

saw Bjork on Saturday Night Live tonight while i was working out. everynight at 10pm i turn on SNL while i do the wretched series of wretched sit up crunches and quad crunches and curls and reverse curls and i keep wondering WHY don't i look less like Robert Verdi and more like The Rock but ANYWAY Bjork gives me chills when she sings. holy shit. she makes me want to be a better artist.

this blog is gonna bounce around. witness:

winter is so beautiful in colorado! god, it's incredible. every day i wake up and wonder when something cold might pass through our atmosphere. t-shirts, barefoot, i'm living like a beach bum over here.

my wife and i joined Costco. everything in BULK. 10 gallon jars of artichokes, cases of diet coke, cases of gatorade, cases of water, 9 pound hunks of cheese, a mound of steak and sausage so corpulent it hits the limits of my capacity to see a heap of meat and ignore its animated past, we got a VAT of pretzels, a barrel of pepper corns, a crate of butter, a trailer of crackers, a barge of raisons. we're ready for winter, if it ever shows up here.

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