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song of the day: train in vain / the clash
word of the day: swoopstake / in an indiscriminate manner

had dinner last night with tami and julie (tami simon is president / founder of Sounds True), amazingly awesomely (awesomely?) fun as always. tami and julie are two of our favorite people ever, we talked and talked and laughed. tami is also Ara's godmother, they brought ara the cutest most killer coat over as her birthday present, matching hat. to die for. we all freaked out when we opened it, well everyone but ara, who was more interested in our reactions than what we were reacting to. we got her to put it on, including the hat, and she took the hat off after a minute, she just hates hats, don't know why. ara is now sleeping in her crib through the night. check that shit out.

still ruminating about starting my book up again. wondering how i want to approach it, and i'm thinking maybe i should just write it and post it in my blog as i go, as a work in progress. my main choice at this point is whether to follow a particular narrative / story line (move the story from point A to B with a moral, etc) or just write little vignettes like David Sedaris does, little short stories. the latter would be a lot easier, but i don't think it would be as interesting. you kind of stay in one space with that approach. i guess one of the things i'm interested in relating through the book is how i went from being a bachelor nomad womanizer booze hound narcissist dude to...a fucking LIVING PERFECTED SAINT!!! *~TA-DA~* (bright lights, harp music...). just kidding. but my point is that a big change occured, and i think there is an interesting story in there because it has to do with spirituality, and love, and surrunder, but it takes place in the filthy muck yuck of the music world, rock clubs, and the like. i have questions about how to relate it all without being gratuitous about the sex, drugs- the more seedy elements, but which are indespensible as illustrations of delusion and samsara. hmmm.... where's my magic 8 ball?

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