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song of the day: 'j' for 'jules' / til tuesday
word of the day: aspartame / a derivative of phenylalanine that contains the radical of aspartic acid and is used as a low calorie artificial sweetener (and it's the third ingredient of Diet Coke).

JEEZ. if you love diet coke, don't go looking up things on aspartame on the internet. GAWD now i have to give up THIS joy and pleasure in life. i don't drink diet coke because i want to lose weight, i drink it because i love the sweet, rich, warm, carmely taste of diet coke. it's the best tasting pop EVER invented. it's the ONLY POP i want to drink. but, oh, out of curiousity i go typing "aspertame" into google, and FAAAAAAAAAAAHK. suck. causes lupus, cancer, multiple sclerosis and what all yadda yadda, go read for yourself, it's very bad news for diet coke lovers. i first took not of the possible problems when my very smart friend who's has a degree biological chemistry said, "uh, you might not want to drink that". i was about to lick the seeping wound from a syphilitic gorilla's penie. in mid movement, i reached for a diet coke instead, like i was going for the coke the whole time, i nearly had it to my lips, and the dude goes "no, that's even worse." whaddya' mean, dude? i asked. he goes: "google." i go "k."

back home, jesus. it's worse than i thought. aspartame does this, aspartame = that, and on and on. now i must wonder, is my fear of debillitating disease or death greater than my love for diet coke. it's death either way, the death of giving up my mouth mistress or the death of a brain tumor. hmm. i could just drink more coffee. coffee no hurt stu. coffee make high. good coffee tickle brain nice.


you were not the same after that..


you were not the same after that...


you see 'em drop like flies from bright sunny skies
they come knockin' at your door with this look in their eyes
you got one good trick and you're hanging on
to it.

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