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Stuart Davis

Hello Friends

Stuart Davis here. I hope this finds you all well and thriving in spite of our crazy recent history. I have some news to share with you and I couldn’t be more lit-up about it.

We recently launched a new project callled The Experiencer Group.

It’s created expressly to provide support and community for people who’ve had anomalous experiences of all kinds.  

The Experiencer Group provides a gathering place for those who’ve undergone abduction, contact with non-human entities, poltergeists, ghosts, precognition, near death experience, missing time, UAPs, UFOs, out-of-body events, contact with the dead, and much more. The site was created to put people in contact with others who’ve had similar life events. Within the structure of the site, members can join groups specific to their interests / history, and have private conversations with like-minded folks.  Members can also join support groups which gather from all over the world to meet via Zoom. Our robust menu of offerings includes a dedicated discord, topic-specific curated groups, and careful attention to protocols on conduct.  This is a protected space, and also an environment for deep healing and study.

In addition to direct access to other people from around the world who’ve had similar anomalous life events, we will offer videos, audio content, member's own extraordinary accounts, special guests and more. The Experiencer Group is a subscription site, but if you use the code Aliens And Artists, you’ll get one month free. To our knowledge, there’s not another site like it, and we created TEG because we saw the need for it again and again in those we know and love personally, and also the wider community. These enigmas and those who live with them need more love, support, and resources. We want to be a part of the solution, and hope you will too. It's time to end the stigma and join together.

Here's your link to join The Experiencer Group

Also, we are approaching 50 episodes of the podcast Aliens And Artists, and I highly encourage you to check those out. Some truly fantastic guests and mind-blowing accounts.

Last but not lease, you can book one-on-one sessions with me through The Liminal Muse. Sessions focus on Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, past life regression, creativity as a spiritual path, and more. Go to the Liminal Muse to book your session, or email me at Stuart (at) Stuart Davis (dot) com

If you’re not a Patron, there’s tons of exclusive content there, always being updated.

Sending you all Cosmic hugs and best wishes,

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