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song of the day: Irish Heart, English Blood / Morrissey
word of the day: FUCK
monk of the day: the Unknown which abides as each

ok you guys, you have to go to the Morrissey link above for the song Irish Heart, Enlgish blood and look at the hand gesture he uses when he sings the words "spit upon". I LOVE IT!!! you can watch it for free...this song has been running through my head all day, and it's all because of that line, because the first time i heard this song it was by watching the video, and when i saw him make this gesture, i knew i liked morrissey again. he's a weird card, i mean, he's not quite weird-cool like David Bowie, or Bjork, he's weird like...a bit flamboyant, affected, posturing. i've always been on the fence about him. as a general rule i'm fucking nuts for anyone who sings with an english accent (XTC, Beatles) or even australian (or wherever Big Country was from). i just love the pop singers from all the english non-north american nations. but morrissey has always... i have never been able to figure out if i think he's good. i loved that song where he sings "You're the one for me fatty". well, anyhow, i might just buy this new Morrissey album, but i just hope it's not a one song album. he's a pretty darn good singer. i like him in a suit. kick ASS production on this song.

what else? i'm getting quite a few emails from people wanting to invest in the new DVD project. that's cool. will bueche (designer of Bell and many other Dharma Pop items, famous dude in the Dharma Pop "know", in the DP cognescenti, or however you spell that) said the title Sex, God, Rock 'N Roll sucks, and then he outlined the reasons why it sucks, and now i'm thinking i'm not going to call it that anymore. but what should i call it?
anasthesia necrophelia
just simply "Live"

i think i'm gonna call it "Spit UPON" and have me on the cover doing that morrissey gesture. or maybe i'll call it "eager" and have me naked on the cover with a full erection. or perhaps i'll call it:
Sting: Live In Concert
Barbara Streisand: Live In Concert
The Beatles, 13 Never-Before Released Songs
Tony Robbins: Wealthy & Awakened!!
Paris Blair Hilton Witch Project
Everything I Learned In Kinder...

whatevah. 's long as i'm naked on the cover, i don't care.

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