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Alex Grey

interviewed alex grey last night for what a love agent. alex has been one of the love ninjas since way way back, almost thirty years now, and the same goes for his wife, Alison. they're sort of the kind and queen of the entheogenic transcendental homecoming dance, you know? it's good to talk to someone who i love and admire so much who's used state-altering, consciousness expanding drugs in the service of their spiritual practice, and not merely as an entertainment device for their pathological self. Alex and Alison are planted in the wisdom traditions, lifelong adherents to the perennial philosophy, and they have used mind-expanding compounds to accelerate or aid their consciousness research through the years. for my own part, i have a prejudice against the use of drugs in any way, and i'm quick to assume that anyone using drugs and calling it part of their spiritual practice is merely inflating their own indulgence and interpreting it as transformation. but that's just not the case with Alex and Alison. i can really tell where their hearts are, what place the use of drugs has had in their work in the Mystery, and it's been appropriately enlisted. so many people confuse altered states (especially the altered states which are expansive and mind-opening) with stage transformations, especially in the music / art World. oh, if it were only that easy, i would have been permanently established in samadhi in 10th grade...

in other news, dharmapalooza is going gangbusters. there is a growing waiting list, and it looks like we're actually going to get some press and radio coverage this year too...KBCO is having me on Studio C again (, which makes it twice in the last few months, quite nice to have that kind of support from a mainstream commercial station, and some papers are planning to do something too. should be an amazing weekend, precisely because of the people who are coming. i read through the questionaire forms, and wow, they are a brilliant bunch.

lastly, it's insanely beautiful here in boulder this morning. 70 degrees, dry, light breeze, perfect blue skies, and colossal snow-capped mountains all around. my guess is that at least two or three people end up moving here after dharmapalooza, cuz there's a renaissance going on here, and it also happens to be ridiculously beautiful. i feel very fortunate to live here, and on Earth for that matter. bowing to it all...

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