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my daughter is cool

song of the day: Because The Night / Patti Smith
word of the day: shilpit / of a person, pale or sickly looking, feeble, puny 2., of liquor: insipid, weak, thin (origin of this word unknown-COOL!)

dead like me

song of the day: big country / big country
word of the day: snuggle

while on tour i purchased the first season of Dead Like Me, based on the public, emphatic recommendations of Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM radio show. mistake. first of all, Art, god bless him- he's a lovely sweet guy, but he's got the cultural sensibilities of a nine year old with a wigi board fetish. this show, which stars Mandi Patinkin (and others, including the star girl chick whom i can't remember) has a cool enough premise: an 18 year old girl dies, becomes a grim reaper, and learns all the lessons about life while she's dead.

zen on tour / Madison

song of the day: sunday bloody sunday / u2
word of the day: cryptonym / a secret name

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yes, just a note to everyone: YOU MUST CLICK THE "READ MORE" button to read the entire blog, each and every time you're reading a blog. i've had several people tell me in the last week that they had no idea there was more than the first four sentences, but indeed, there is, and the doorway is clicking the red "read more" words below. of course the exception will be this blog, which is a psa... tits!


song of the day: sledgehammer / peter gabriel
word of the day: love / ~?~


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