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New! Episode 7 of The Stuart Davis Show: Shh... The Secret!


This week on The Stuart Davis Show, Episode Seven: Shhh... The Secret! Crack for ego maniacs. The Stu clones get their hands on The Secret, and it all goes awry. See what happens when a pre-rational asshole wields a hallucinogenic holy hoax. Also, news from Sex, God, and Rock 'n Roll:

The Secret: The Spirituality of Narcissism

"Let me know Your enormity, and my tininess
Help me see Your infinity and my finite-ness"

-Mike Doughty, His Truth Is Marching On

The Spirituality of Narcissism.

Love of Darkness

God Laughing...

A friend sent me this quote today, and I absolutely loved it.

Alain de Botton / Darren Aronofsky

Today I heard Alain de Botton on the radio (BBC, i think?) doing an interview. He's got a new book, The Architecture of Happiness. The interview was smashing, one of the few such writers (in my admittedly very limited experience) to really articulate (or even grasp) the interdependent (tetra-arising) dance between subjective, intersubjective, objective, and inter-objective domains. It was a major delight, so I went to site and behold the man has expounded in equal eloquence on at least half a dozen subjects. I'm smitten.

The 8th power of a number
David Bowie


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