Silk wall convulsing, pulsing
blue billowing membrane
seeds unspool, rush the vein

slit skein of sinew, in you
red rivulets cascade
flood the glen
a ruby glade

so saddle up
so saddle up

Ache to take a trip
so saddle up
beg all legs and hips
so saddle
split these little lips
so saddle up
grease each crease and tip
so saddle up
tissue wants to rip
yeah, so saddle up

Forest floor heaving
green tentacles enlace
hungry mud
takes your face

Swollen belly breaches
wet delicate creatures
curling claws, yawning jaws

so saddle up
so saddle up


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Razor-sharp improv. Lurking amid the minutiae of his observations on life and the Universe are some startling insights. Davis pulls off the most elusive of party tricks...Even the gods were grinning.

-Irish Times, Dublin Ireland