There was a star that was hidden in space - an undiscovered gem
until it’s denizens decided they had chosen
the Dagon to give the gift to them
So with the shocking revelations,
of a primitive people, our knowledge was redefined
Enlightened and wise, the simple African tribe
has educated the modern minds

Our potential was choked under the scientific yoke
Afraid that if we open our eyes, we’ll have to realize

If the message from a distant sun can reach us
There is a magic that is waiting and is willing to teach us
how to suture every soul into one concentric whole
Earth can find the perfect union
in the universe communion

In this area of Western thought, the spirit is in a vise
we are driven to seek in a futile pursuit
with a means that won’t suffice

It is a science with a limited scope
where the heart and head collide
resigned to the laws of only tangible proof
to which the truth does not abide

We stifle and smother the mystic wonder
Is our arrogance a deafening fear of what we’ll have to hear?


We have a tendency think that it’s our practical senses
that get these questions solved
but those are tenuous tools and the more we employ them, the slower
we evolve

Denied by suppression the deeper lessons


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