Last night someone drove these balls around
Last night someone swung these fists
I woke up in piss, I woke up in pain
with a lot of uniforms shouting out my name

Oh, no, no, no
Oh, no, no, no

Forgive me
I cursed with someone else's tongue
Forgive me
I pointed someone else's gun
Forgive me
I came with someone else's cum
Doppelganger body donor
Doppelganger body donor

She says some ugly wizard
stumbled into her room
dropped his gown, waved his wand around
and brought some bruises into bloom

Oh, no, no, no
Oh, no, no, no


I smoked a little hash
and now I'm stuck in Oz
with a bunch of little people
enforcing little laws
I'll say it again, I've said it before
It's my word against that whore's



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