Modern man just loves to think and invent
until his brain gets sore
Searching, learning, adding
so our existence keeps demanding more
with each advancement we adopt
well, it oughta be stopped
Long before they were building fires
we all survived on an uncooked meal
Nature gave us two good legs to get us around
we never needed a wheel
It's been downhill since we stood up straight
Yea, I hope it abates
Progress, man
Life was a breeze when we sat around the sun dial
making up a myth for everything we observed
Now we try to understand invisible stars
with imaginary numbers on Euclidean curves
Math was easy when the world was flat
man, I wanna go back
Once upon a time a bowl of leeches
cured us of our every ill
No such thing as the uninsured
when poultry paid our doctor bills
Sicknesses were all the same
Progress, man
simplicity's bane
Progress, yea
I'm gonna find some moldy cave
and break off a big stalactite
club some girl and take her home
to breed a little tribe of troglodytes
In the good old' days we were all nomads
and everybody knew you either hunted or died
Thinking made us crazy and we started to farm
and now we run charity that serves world-wide
It's altruistic entropy
well, it isn't for me
man, I wanna go back
Yea, it's gotta be stopped
Progress, man
Well I hope they build a time machine,
cause a different age would suit me well
send me back four billion years
when everyone was single celled


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