We holy children prayed to be delivered from
the cognitive pollution we've suffered through and lived among
"Father free us, intervene and lift the curse,
drench this tainted planet so our handicap can be reversed"
And now below the bow we hear the panicked cries of dying men
thrashing in the water, it's cutting of their oxygen
But we are spared, and providence will clearly show
that all the meek inherit is the doom of their genetic code
The finger-pointing came from God, finding his creation flawed
He decreed a final solution
Off ya' go, take a plunge, all of you have been expunged
in the service of evolution

Our flagship embarks
to populate a world with perfect genes
we're Noah's new ark
three standard deviations from the mean

So, here we float- Mother Nature's second chance
it won't be long before the dove returns the olive branch
As for the dead, they only got what they deserved
It's all too obvious that God is grading on a curve
In His new kingdom there isn't any simple niche
we won't need janitors or cretin drones to dig a ditch
We chosen few will sail ahead until we find
the true potential of a cultivated human mind
An unencumbered tribe are we, devoid of mediocrity
every blemish emended
All of us rejoice, and some are even plotting to become
a little smarter than the Lord intended



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