We join our hands around this table as we pray
I squeeze my parents fingers, as if my touch will say
that all around me a presence is so clear
a joy that would escape this room if one of you weren't here
And it is my selfish wish that our lives could be one length
cause I'll forever be the child seeking comfort in your strength

Mom and Dad please promise me, when your time on earth is done
the guidance of your love will still surround your son
So when my heart is twice as wise, I will know that you are close
My guardians will be your ghosts

As the family ages our companion is this fear
the thought that growing older means some separation nears
We dread those awful endings and fail to realize
with the nature of our union, how needless are good-byes
For no spirit in this circle would let another be forlorn
Our vigil is eternal from the time that we are born

Mom and Dad I promise you if my time is first to come
you will feel the love returning from your youngest son
So when your hearts are twice as full, you will know that I am close
Your guardian will be my ghost
Your guardian will be my ghost
We join our hands around this table as we pray


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