Sitting in the sound booth's ambient glow
the engineer sees a woman he knows
"Stephen, this is someone you should meet
She's a DJ, her name is Mary - you'd make a match"
"Well yea," we joke, "Too bad we're both attached"
I stare at her and float out of my seat
But she's just staring at the soundboard dials
and I'm all smiles

I make a female friend and the minute it occurs
the adrenaline flows and the boundaries blur
They keep it all platonic and I wish I could
but her hair's too soft and she smells so good
If I act decent, that's pretend
I really wanna sleep with my female friends

It's somebody's birthday and we attend
enter me and my girlspouse
In the course of the evening everybody's introduced
In particular my old roommate
was standing with his wife by the snack plate
I hugged her longer than she wanted to
When she pulls away everybody in the house
sees I'm aroused


That grocery girl bags my food
and I imagine her nude



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