We were at the alter on the day you were baptized
everyone who held you has the moment memorized
thankful memories have mingled with a grief
because the blessing was too brief

That is why your birthday never passes easily
we can't help imagining the person you might be
In your absence our lives are not as sweet
the family grows, but never seems complete

Sometimes we see a babies crib
and feel a spike between our ribs
Something always stays awake
in the empty cradle that we make

When we are afraid that it will hurt to speak your name
we agree in silence that you're there with us the same
that familiar quiet we keep returning to
it is a room we share with you

Some of us feel guilty for not visiting your grave
but you are still included in the way that we behave
knowing now that we never disconnect
just listen to our thoughts to measure your effect

Only spirits speak so clear
It was our love that brought you here
that's how we know you wait somewhere
and each of us will join you there



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