In somnoe ineo metus
et post velum alter animus reperio
in asper coritas salteramus
et sine cutis concubatimus
vis impetus ex gaudium
ex gaudium et terror

per speciem
‘ut quisque est vir optimus
ita difficilleme alios improbos
tum, si equidem

cum asper coritas saltero
sic nihil agis quin ego audiam
per somnum sive vigilans
quo rerum natura ditesceres versutus

translation came as follows (roughly)

In sleep I enter fear
and behind the veil I find another soul
we dance with rough affection
and copulate without skin
a paroxysm of joy
of joy and terror

‘the more a man is
the harder to suspect wickedness
in others’
then, if I for my part

dance with rough affection
so you do nothing I do not hear of
in sleep or watchful
the world becomes artful



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