Travel hurts
and I don’t wanna start
to make this trip across my heart
I would just stay here
if You weren’t living in my ear
whispering little cues
aiming me into You
You say

Mirages rule this land
so don’t stop the caravan
when nymphs and pixies tug your hand
don’t stop the caravan
when treasures rise out of the sand
don’t stop the caravan
when tired voices make demands
don’t stop the caravan

Shake me when
this desert tries
to conjure sights that trick the eyes
Show me where to put my ear
so other voices disappear
grow in me
until I’m in You



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We were blown away by Stuart’s pure genius. Finally a songwriter with something to say. We booked him on the show, calls started coming in “Who was that? Who was that you had on World Cafe?”

-Bruce Warren of WXPN/ World Cafe