She's comin',
She's comin' to the planet
check out, dammit
All the light will bake your body
she's got big watts of love
She's so bad ass
and back at last
you gotta praise the fuckin' Lord

Baby God, five feet tall
jumpin' off of the Wailing Wall
Acolytes all somersault
on a blue-green disco ball

She's mortal,
a meta-model Barbiesattva
she's gotta lotta Prada-prana
"I will, I will freak all beings
till they're free and shit like that"
Love gave the World Its only girl
to dance the dead awake


She's comin' down now,
She's comin' down now,
Blowin' a kiss to the mystic misfits


I know she's only savin' souls
but I guess I like it
but I guess I like it
I know she's only savin' souls
I know she's only savin' souls
but I like it
I like it, I like it
she's only savin' souls



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