Sick Bastard

Song of the Day
Stay by Oingo Boingo
Word of the Day
gaudiloquent - speaking joyfully or on joyful matters

I've been sick. Haven't been sick in years, so I'm enjoying the peculiar quality of awareness that comes from fever-visions, nyquil, and sudden weight loss. What a curious Universe we live in. The other night the Orchid in my bedroom transformed into a spectre and literally scared the living shit out of me, and then made me laugh out loud. Sure. Alright.

Eat Me

Song of the Day
Thunder Island by Jay Ferguson
Word of the Day
Xenodochial - hospitable, friendly to strangers

My favorite part of Fire Island is when Jay Ferguson sings "I held her close, until the storm passed, and we fell down, laughing in the wet grass, both our bodies drying in the sunshine, sweet sunshine"

*Sigh* Summer love.

Patty Griffin

Song of the Day
Not Alone by Patty Griffin
Word of the Day
quoz - a strange or absurd thing or person

Ugh. If you can listen to this Patty Griffin song without crying then you're not listening to this Patty Griffin song.

The Stuart Davis Show Pilot

If you'd like to watch the pilot episode to the Stuart Davis show, you can. Just click this and enjoy...

hollywood Blog / healing love for my pops

Song of the Day
the rose by bette midler
Word of the Day
aquiform - watery; liquid

my dad had a heart attack a few days ago. he had quadruple bypass surgery a couple days ago. your prayers and healing intention for my pops are much appreciated. if you know him, you love him. i'll be back blogging soon. big love to you all.

Hollywood Blog / Alex Eats Ionized Excrement

Song of the Day
bodies by sex pistols
Word of the Day
aberdevine - alternate name for the siskin

This morning at the studio, Alex was cleaning out the air filters ("ionizer", he just corrected me with a didactic tone, ever the doctinaire) with a white towel, and a most unsavory smudge appeared. It was, how should I put it, the poop from the room. Essentially, these filters had accrued weeks or even months worth of particulates, if air could defecate, this would be its excrement. Wait, air can defectate, and did, and the fudge was on Alex's towel. He's been ill, did I mention that? He's been under the weather for about a week. Knowing that, I felt emboldened to issue a challenge. As he cradled the soiled towlette in his anemic hands (normally strong, but weakened from unretting affliction), I tossed out, "I'll give a hundred dollars if you LICK that". To my chagrin, without hesitation, his tongue was lapping at the foul skid marks as though it were honey milk. Not once, but twice -for effect, almost sexual- he ran his tongue up and down the length of the tainted rag. I've never seen such impetuous and risky behavior from Alex. Moments later, he was grammacing over the trash can, $100 richer. Well done, my fearless leader. Well done.

Hollywood Blog / Love Abounds

Song of the Day
Witchita Lineman by Glen Campbell
Word of the Day
filemot - dead-leaf colour; dull brown

Fun news. John Shanks just recorded all the guitars on The River, which may be the first single on the new album. Sort of like having Zoro dice cucs for your salad. Or taking the space shuttle to go to 7-Eleven. It was an amazing day. First, John's talking to my producer Alex Gibson- "hey, I'll play on Stuart's record". Really? What day this month could work? "Right now would be good. Let's do it right now." So, on a moment's notice, we run the song over to John's studio, which is next door, and he spends the night recording guitars on it. Out of love and generosity. For me, it was a magic moment. I was bouyant. This album feels charmed. I keep getting chills when I sing the River, like a premonition it's going to be the first break out song. I've been doing vocals to it today again, re-singing it now that I have John Shank's beautiful guitar parts, Sean Hurley's killer bass lines, and Craig Macintyre's perfect drums to sing to. Makes it much easier to dial in the Spirit of it. Feels effortless singing it now.

Hollywood Blog / yeah

Song of the Day
sugar bullets by Stuart Davis
Word of the Day
syngenesis - sexual reproduction

my family arrived yesterday in L.A. YAY!! oh my god i was so so thrilled to see them. it was a night in heaven last night, just getting to hug my daughters and wife after these past few weeks being alone in L.A. i missed them insanely. we went back to the house and just played on the floor, content and giddy to be together. i had the house prepared for them; hello kitty bed for my daughter, pink flowers for my wife, diapers for my youngest. i can't say how awesome it was to sleep next to them. my six month old daughter was up until 1am, flipping and flopping because she was so happy. this morning we all had coffee and saw a bit of L.A. my wife is so funny! she makes me laugh all the time. this morning the first thing she did was paint my toe nails and fingernails green, and made a butterfly tatoo on my forehead. it cheered me up to no end to have them all with me in the car this morning.

Hollywood Blog / drum 'n bass

Song of the Day
desire by U2
Word of the Day
caconym - wrongly derived name

today we're doing live drums and bass. in the studio that U2 recorded Rattle and Hum in. sean hurley on bass (extraordinary) and Craig Mcintyre on drums (killer bad ass). we're doing the live drum / bass combo on seven or eight songs. things have been moving, but also somewhat scattered. there has been a lot going on for Alex, Nate, and I in our individual ways, and we've struggled the past few days to find our perfect rhythm together. we sort of started out of the gate super fast, knocking out songs in two or three days, but we've hit a different zone. i believe after today, when we have our drums and bass totally squared, we're going to accelerate again. not all songs are using "real" acoustic drums. many are electronica type things. this album is another step away from the singer-songwritery kind of thing. some songs (nothing in between) clearly have to be me and my guitar. others (encore, deja vu, sky god) are not anywhere in that zone at ALL. and i love both. bottom line is music is music, and my loyalty is to manifesting the fullest vision of a song, rather than trying to remain in safe, recognizable territory.

Hollywood Blog / Wand

Song of the Day
Wand by Stuart Davis

oh this baby. she's been waiting. this song... i've been wanting to put this baby on an album for so long. but it had to wait. and wait. well, you're time has arrived little one. you're a pop song now. having to make some song selections this week. can't put 30 songs on a record. i wanna put twisted mystery on the record too. anyway. here are three we're looking at today:

white plum (which i wrote about the Shukei Tokodo ceremony in my Zen lineage -white plum in da' houzzz!!)

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