The Clones: Rocks, you rock

The Stuart Davis clones are back, with a tribute considering and celebrating rocks.

Even The Devil Is God / New Music Video

Stuart Davis Doesn't Speak Dutch

Hi Friends,

Stuart here.

Hello from Holland! I moved to the Netherlands about a year ago, right after we wrapped up the Music for Mortals tour.

Still releasing new music, of course. In fact in the past couple months three new projects came out: the Walk of Shame sound track, my new acoustic album Songbook of the Dead, and the Miss L.A. single + b side. All are on iTunes now.

Also shooting videos -like this new one- exposing the fact that I don't speak Dutch. Just another monoglot American meandering Amsterdam.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and get the fun first.

Hope you're all well and having a great summer. One day I will return to America with wooden shoes and tulips for each of you...


FUCT: A Love Story

Some love stories are simply timeless. Titanic. Romeo and Juliet. And now... FUCT: A LOVE STORY joins their ranks. This unforgettable, magical masterpiece absolutely must be made, and when you see its short promotional video, you'll rush to be a part of this crowd-funded blockbuster of love and loss among divergent species.

Stuart on Discover The Road podcast

Hi friends,

I had a blast being a guest on the new podcast Discover The Road recently. Check it out here.

It was launched recently by Kirk Wheeler, great guy with a cool vision. Give the show some love, hope you enjoy. We talked Zen, Chaos, Love, and the Mystery of it all. Are those different things? Not sure, but maybe you'll find out on the show ;)


Stuart & Stephen Greenblatt Discuss The Swerve: How The World Became Modern

Hi friends,

Fun week. I released a new single & b-side of a couple new songs, Miss L.A. and Doors. Both available on iTunes.

Also got to talk with Stephen Greenblatt. We explored Epicureanism, the Roman poet Lucretius, and some similarities and distinctions between Epicureanism and Buddhism. After reading The Swerve, it's easy to see why it won both the Pulitzer Prize and The National Book Award.

Check out the new music, and the new talk.

And, last but not least, there's a new album out now- Songbook Of The Dead, on iTunes.

Hope you're all well.


Dude, Where's My Body?

New Movie Walk Of Shame Out Now, Featuring New Stuart Davis Music & Acting

Hi Friends,

There's a new one out today called Walk Of Shame, and there's a catchy new song in the movie. The song, is *also* called... Walk Of Shame. Go check them out, the sound track is on iTunes and the movie is in theaters and iTunes.

I actually made my big-screen debut in this one, alongside Elizabeth Banks. I play a frightened jogger, Banks' character chases me down an alley. I guess art does imitate life.

New Album available now! Stuart Davis-Songbook Of The Dead

Hi Friends,

I'm happy to spring a little surprise on you. My new album Songbook Of The Dead is available now on iTunes.

To celebrate the new release, here's a new music video to the song Pulsing, which is track one on Songbook Of The Dead. I hope you enjoy.

Remember you can subscribe to my YouTube channel, I'm posting new stuff often for the next year including comedy, music videos, and various feature-ettes.

I hope you're great, more new stuff to follow soon. Cosmic hugs- Stuart

Help Make It Happen for Magic, Love, Awareness !

HI Friends,

Only a few days left. Help make it happen for Magic, Love, Awareness, the documentary my daughters are making about upping the level of LOVE on Earth! It's an amazing project, and I can vouch for the verve of these little love novas, they're going to create something really beautiful with your amazing support. Great meaningful project, take a look and help out if you can.

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