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Happy Holland-Days

Stuart here, with a holla from Holland!

I’ve received lots of warm emails from back home, and yes, it’s been over a year now that I’ve been living with my whole fam in the ‘dam, but I’ve not been idle. Learning some Dutch, working on several projects in TV & film, and at some point I’ll even hop back over the pond and do a show or two in the US.

The Clones: Rocks, you rock

The Stuart Davis clones are back, with a tribute considering and celebrating rocks.

Stuart Davis Doesn't Speak Dutch

Hi Friends, Stuart here. Hello from Holland!

FUCT: A Love Story

Some love stories are simply timeless. Titanic. Romeo and Juliet. And now... FUCT: A LOVE STORY joins their ranks. This unforgettable, magical masterpiece absolutely must be made, and when you see its short promotional video, you'll rush to be a part of this crowd-funded blockbuster of love and loss among divergent species.


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