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the EU over here has been in a big hubbub, cuz some dude tried to get some dude who's a homophobe to be one of the HEAD dudes of the EU commission of...something. they're all riled up, cuz the president or some high up important person in the EU parlaiment just tried to submit this one cat to an office of significance, and it just so happens this cat DON' LIKE DA' FAGS. also, he thinks women should stay the !@#$% home and shut up. yes, he's not so hot on women or gays. (that leaves farm animals, i guess...).


anyway, i was saying. gay over here is what it SHOULD BE. hip, cool, gorgeous- DIVINE. my theory on homophobes is always the same, they need to have gentle, deep, anal sex with the right person. they've repressed their homosexual dimension. our president would loosen up so much if we could just find the right black man to loosen him up so much. i'm talking about tenderness here, people. i'm talking about the consensual union of two men in one hot, erotic act that we might call the Oval Orifice. same goes for Cheney and Rumsfeld.


song of the day: Save Me / Aimee Mann (that song from Magnolia where she sings "you look like the perfect fit / for a girl in need of a tournakit")
word of the day: tournakit? how do you spell that? wha?

amersfoort, arnhem, goes, den haag

song of the day: things have changed / bob dylan
word of the day: afrit (means "exit" in dutch, i was wrong about the word "uit", it means "out". hee hee oops).

deventer, holland

song of the day: white pepper ice cream / cibo matto
word of the day: uit / (means "exit" in dutch)


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