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Beautiful Place Lyrics / Music for Mortals

Buried in your body
the beautiful place
the moment that you find it
you try to escape

Back to the comfort of numb
the blanket of lead
But only a fool
would hide in the hoax
between the brain and the bed

Baby we're the sum
of all we embrace
I know it
nothing will be left
but our beautiful place
I know it
in our beautiful place

Under every coffin
another cocoon
colorful clouds
begging to bloom

Comparatively short time
Stuart Davis

Stuart Davis CD Release Tour Begins!

The tour, she begins, yes?

Stuart Davis CD Release tour--> Music for Mortals

A mud bath
Stuart Davis

Spit It Out / Lyrics

There's a man at the mic
six foot three
bald and beautiful
but that's not me

I'm a boy in bed
with a bottle of juice
waxed and wet
and 80 proof

I've seen all the wonders of the World
I've seen all the wonders of the World

I keep a finger on the trigger of doubt
try to decide if I should figure it out
I guess I wonder what the fuss is about
soon as I know I will be spitting it out

I wanna, I gotta, I better, I'm gonna
spit it out

Causing one to salivate
Stuart Davis

New Project / Just Be Yourself

You can now watch the trailer for my new project, Just Be Yourself:

and a brief summary on imdb:

Starring Kandyse McClure, Sebastian Siegel, and Alison McAtee. Amazing folks, really loved working with this entire cast and crew so much. Hope to see find it a home soon...

Kosmic hugs-

Word which is one of multiple hyponyms of another word
Ben Folds

UFOs: Lifting The Veil

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Leslie Kean, author of the New York Times Best-Seller UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On The Record. The book is the result of a ten-year investigation in which Kean gathered the first-person accounts of over a dozen high-ranking military and government officials, including generals from five countries.

To wink
Freedy Johnston


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