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Shadow & The Experiencer


Shadow & The Experiencer

In alchemy, substance from which the elements developed
Stuart Davis

Super Sanity and the Experiencer


Super sanity is a mode of being that unifies two disparate realities into one. Making the paranormal normal. Braiding the anomalous and the common into a coherent whole. Some features of what I’ll call super sanity include;

1. Choice. Does the experiencer have agency? Is their sovereignty in tact?

2. Wellness. Is there a workable balance in and among the normal and super normal registers of their lives?

State of being all; allness
Stuart Davis

The Phenomenon : Control System, or Developmental Driver?

The Phenomenon:

Control System or Developmental Driver?


I wanted to take a look at two ways the Phenomenon can be viewed. As a control system or, as a developmental driver. Quick note in what follows, when I say Phenomenon, it’s with the big 'P', it includes all the phenomena from UFOs, UAP, abduction, contact, the presence of highly advanced non-human entities, all the spokes in the wheel.

Abnormal compulsion for wandering
Stuart Davis

Grace & Grit, Mighty Ducks, and More

Hello Good Souls-

Stuart here with some updates, musical and otherwise. I hope 2021 is treating you well !

Agonyclite n 1710 -1710
Member of a heretical sect that stood rather than kneeled while praying
Stuart Davis

Angels, Ancestors, Aliens, and Ai : New Event

Hi Friends,

Stuart here with some new announcements.

I am participating in a full-day forum on Saturday April 3, 2021 which will discuss Angels, Ancestors, Aliens, and Ai. We will explore 'The Others,' the non-corporeal beings that are being seen, heard, and felt by people around the world. We'll consider such questions as who they are, what is their impact on our lives, and what is their role in our collective evolution.

Figurative expression
Arvo Part


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