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Not Another Lifetime / Lyrics Music for Mortals

You were floating in the Subtle
with a body made of light
watching people making love
but something wasn't right

Now you're just a bloody baby
they slap your fat behind
You're thirty seconds old
but I can read your mind:

Not another lifetime
Not another lifetime

I'm getting sick of all the prophets
and their parables of love
saying "as it is below,
so it is above"

I got a message for the mortals:
Hell began at birth
the Angels aren't in heaven
they're just afraid of Earth

Insenescible (in-se-NES-i-bul)
That cannot grow old
Stuart Davis

Reaper Wonder / Lyrics from Music for Mortals

If a Reaper
has a blessing
then it's
'probly aching from the laughing
at the site of all the seekers

at the site of all the seekers
chasing their assassin
as they kneel before a butcher
and beg to skip the bloodshed
makes a Reaper wonder
what the fuck they're thinking

If a Reaper
learns a lesson then it's
keep the Angels
while you stuff the poseurs
back into bodies

Otacust (OT-a-kust)
A listener; spy
Stuart Davis

NEW Stuart Davis Tour Dates Added !!

Hi Friends-

We have recently added NEW SHOWS to the CD Release Tour. Please see below, and get some friends together, we're having a blast-

Plagose (pla-GOSE)
Fond of flogging

It lyrics / Music for Mortals

I left when it came
just a dot
that knew my name

It said, it said goodbye
then it built a nest
behind my eyes

And it's hitting me
like a punching bag
smoking me
like a pack of fags
drag me through the labyrinth
of it all
My eyes are glossed
my soul is dotted
the blood between my limbs
is clotted
Melt me in the velvet
of its walls

What it wants
if it wants anything
What it is
if it is anything

Burial alive
Stuart Davis

Some Love Lyrics / Music for Mortals

There's no mouth
in your face
all you dream of
is a taste

Some love
doesn't care what we believe
knows the good are doomed to grieve
This one
keeps the others up its sleeve
here's some love

In your cave
don't forget
God has
no regrets

Some love
throws the wisher down the well
says hope can go to hell
This one
knows the others ones are spells
here's some love

(SITH-er-iz-um) : A whispering sound, as of wind among leaves
Stuart Davis


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