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the observance of states

song of the day: Prelude, Bach's 4th Lute Suite
word of the day: grinagog (a person who is always grinning, especially foolishly without cause)
monk of the day: rob berg (who's done wonderful things)


song of the day: walk like an egyptian (bangles)
word of the day: narcomancy (divination using sleep)
monks of the day: rinus and desiree and tanja (holland!)


song of the day: union of the snake (Duran Duran)
word of the day: aprosexia (inability to concentrate)
monk of the day: ken wilber

the ecstasy of XTC

song of the day: Dear God (XTC, from Skylarking)

Did You make disease,
and the diamond blue?
Did You make mankind
after we made You
and the Devil too?

word of the day: alaudine (of or pertaining to skylarks)
punk monk of the day: kismet smith

fahrenheit 911

song of the day: josie comes home (steely dan)
word of the day: concupiscence
monk of the day: heather smith, pittsburgh, PA (she was at dharmapalooza, she's setting up the next pittsburgh show, and she is indeed an artist. thank you heather!)

just saw the new film Fahrenheit 9/11.

whao. go see it.


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