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song of the day: 'j' for 'jules' / til tuesday
word of the day: aspartame / a derivative of phenylalanine that contains the radical of aspartic acid and is used as a low calorie artificial sweetener (and it's the third ingredient of Diet Coke).


song of the day: CRAB / WEEZER
word of the day: SITZMARK / an impression made by a skier falling backwards in the snow

"Crab at the booty,
'taint gonna do no good..."

EEG on me

song of the day: christmas in capetown / randy newman
word of the day: M18 [Fr., f. DIABLE] diablerie / 1. dealings with the devil; sorcery, witchcraft (fig. mischevious fun, devilment.) M18. 2. the mythology or lore of devils; a description or representation of devils. E19 3. The realm of devils. M19.

here i am...on the road again... here i am....up on stage.....there i go....playin' the star again...

song of the day: little red corvette / prince
word of the day: volitive / of or pertaining to the will

Rockford - Iowa City - Des Moines - Chicago x 2

With Love, To John Mack...

song of the day: Universe Communion / for John Mack
word of the day: lococession / place for giving (noun, 1656-1656)


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Davis’s music subtly sneaks religious dialogue into popular culture. Most surprisingly, the music is damn good. (Critics, you can sigh with relief.)

-Miami New Times