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song of the day: johnny strikes up the band / warren zevon
word of the day: stellate / of the sky: studded with stars. 2, star shaped; arranged or grouped in the form of a star or stars

omaha, somewhere in middle america...

oh my ~?~ you people rock. the great ship OM, christened and launched, our crew of 80 lanterns guarding a cargo hold of light. together we landed a dozen dark worlds, and seeded their shadows with sparks from our hearts!

iowa city, touch my titty

song of the day: i touch myself / divinyls
word of the day: proozsjha / (a word in IS) a feelling of affection or love for a group of people which physically manifests as a flush feeling of warmth and butterflies in the belly.

Big Mind, Big News (for me, anyway...)

song of the day: changes made / bruce hornsby
word of the day: saxeous / of stone, stoney (cool!)

F-O-L is such ull crap. uck you, F-O-L. uck you vry much

song of the day: part of the plan / dan folgelberg
word of the day: Folia / A wild dance of Portuguese orign.

snow fall

song of the day: spooky girlfriend/ elvis costello
word of the day: quaquaversal / 1, dipping in all directions, dome like. 2, turned or pointing in every direction


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