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Decoding the Legendary Voynich Manuscript

Hi friends,

Stuart Davis here. I'm excited to share an interview I recently did with Professor Stephen Bax of Bedfordshire. He's been working on deciphering the legendary Voynich Manuscript, which has baffled investigators for 600 years. However, Professor Bax is possibly making the first-ever strides in cracking the code on this linguistic enigma. The Voynich is one of the great mysteries of the Western World, and we may see it revealed in the near future.

Stills from They're Already Here video shoot with director Joe LaMattina

On the set, shooting the music video for They're Already Here, from the album Music For Mortals. Directed by Joe LaMattina

With: Stuart Davis, Denyc
Director: Joe LaMattina
Producer: Lisa LaMattina
Executive Producer: David Vastine
DP: Michael Lockridge
Production Designer: Amanda Wallace
Makeup: Naomi Perino
Editor: Joe LaMattina

Warp Wisdom

Hi Folks,

Check out my dialogue with Steve Beckett, founder of Warp Records and Warp Films. We roam through life, death, spirituality, and art over the course of this talk. Steve's an amazing guy, and this was great fun. Enjoy!

- Stuart

Five Fun Things

Hello, it's Stuart.

I hope this finds you all well. I have five fun things to share with you.

#1. we've posted a new music video to the song They're Already Here from Music For Mortals, directed by Joe LaMattina. Take a look!

#2. big thanks to everyone who came out to the UK shows, and my most sincere apologies to the folks who were at the Edinburgh show...

Euro Stu

Hi Friends,

Stuart here. Well, I have moved to Europe. I live in a boat. A yooor-oh-peeeean boat! As you can see from the photo, traffic is crazy here. I plan to get a pony and ride him on my boat, showing Lyle Lovette just how tragic his lyrical vision becomes when enacted in the real world (can ponies swim? can they scale the vertical face of brick canals? look away, look away).


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